(CoDS-COMAD) 2019, Kolkota
(CoDS-COMAD) 2018, Goa
2017, Chennai
2016, Pune
2014, Hyderabad
2013, Ahmedabad
2012, Pune
2011, Bangalore
2010, Nagpur
2009 Mysore
2008 Mumbai
2006 Delhi
2005b Hyderabad
2005 Goa
2000 Pune
1998 Hyderabad
1997 Chennai
1995 Pune
1994 Bangalore
1993 Kolkata
1992 Bangalore
1991 Mumbai
1990 Delhi
1989 Hyderabad
For nearly two decades, the COMAD Intl. Conf. on Management of Data, modeled along the lines of ACM SIGMOD, has been the premier international conference on data management hosted in India. COMAD covers the areas of database systems, data mining, the Web, and Information Retrieval. COMAD is supported by Division II of Computer Society of India (CSI). The first COMAD was held in 1989, and it has been held on a nearly annual basis since then (except for a few breaks such as in the years when VLDB and ICDE were held in India).

After being colocated with the ACM India CoDS conference for two years (2016 and 2017), COMAD and CoDS merged into a single conference, called the ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data, CoDS-COMAD. The web page for CoDS-COMAD is at http://cods-comad.in .

Click here for the COMAD page at DBLP, and the CoDS page at DBLP. From 2018 onwards the pages on DBLP are common, and can be reached from either of the above links. CoDS-COMAD proceedings is also published in the ACM Digital Library.