Accepted Papers
  1. Puneet Agarwal, Maya Ramanath and Gautam Shroff: Relationship Queries on Large Graphs
  2. Gautam Singh and Nishtha Madaan: Extracting Temporal Relations from Dependency-trees Using Edge Embeddings
  3. Snehkumar Shahani, Jibi Abraham and R Venkateswaran: Distributed Data Aggregation with Privacy Preservation at Endpoint
  4. Monika Gupta and Vibha Sinha: Topic-Wise Segmentation of Slide Decks
  5. Lahcene Brahimi, Ladjel Bellatreche and Yassine Ouhammou: Coupling Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Ontologies for Recommending DBMS
  6. Prakash Ramanan: Answering Conjunctive Queries using Sources with Access Restrictions
  7. Pramit Mazumdar, Bidyut Kr. Patra and Korra Sathya Babu: An Effective POI Recommendation in various Cold-start Scenarios
Demos and Posters Without Papers
  1. Jasper Little, Shiladitya Pande, Shivam Srivastava, Sayan Ranu: GeoScop: A System for Visual Exploration of Geosocial Clusters
  2. K. Venkatesh Emani, Tejas Deshpande, Karthik Ramachandra, S. Sudarshan: DBridge: Translating Imperative Code to SQL
  3. Bikash Chandra, Mathew Joseph, Bharath Radhakrishnan, Shreevidhya Acharya, S. Sudarshan: Partial Marking for Automated Grading of SQL Queries
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