Industry Sponsored Talks
  1. Oracle Stream Analytics Platform
    Speaker: Krishnaprem Bhatia (Oracle)

  2. Oracle Database in the Cloud
    Speaker: Sharad Lal (Oracle)

Talk 1: Oracle Stream Analytics Platform

Oracle Stream Analytics platform empowers Business (any non-technical) audience in any industry, to create and implement rich Fast Data solutions embracing real time, instant insight encompassing SOA infrastructures, Big Data and the Internet-of-Things. Requiring NO knowledge of real time event driven architecture, the Analytical processing language, the high performance Java Event Server or any of the semantics of event stream processing application models.

The main features of the Oracle Stream Analytics platform include:

  • Visual GEOProcessing with GEOFence relationship Spatial analytics
  • New Expressive Patterns Library, including Spatial, Statistical, General industry and Anomaly detection, streaming machine learning
  • Streaming Expression and Business Rules Analysis
  • Catalog Topology Viewer and Navigation
  • An array of new streaming end point connections/targets, including Kafka
  • Catalog perspectives for major industries
  • Simplistic definition of Event Streams and References
  • Abstracted visual fašade to interrogate live real time streaming data and perform intuitive in-memory real time business analytics
  • Graphical representations of tabular streaming information
  • Actions to act on Analysis, push downstream to various event sinks
In this session we will see a product overview and hear about real world customer implementations. We will also see a demo.


Krishnaprem is a product manager in the Oracle Cloud Integration product management team. Oracle Cloud Integration is a comprehensive integration platform with capabilities in application integration, data integration, API management, business process integration, file transfer, IOT (Fast Data), and self service automation.He has over 15 years of work experience in software development and product management. As a product manager at Oracle he has worked extensively with customers and partners worldwide in all industry verticals. He holds Computer Science & Engineering and MBA degrees and loves to read, travel and work out.

Talk 2: Oracle Database in the Cloud

Oracle Database Cloud Service is an Enterprise-proven database cloud service that supports any size workload from dev/test to large scale production deployment. Multi-layered, in depth security with encryption by default. A highly available and scalable service delivering speed, simplicity and flexibility for faster time to value and savings.

  • Fast - Oracle Database in highly available and scalable configurations rapidly provisioned and ready for use in minutes.
  • Simple - Oracle Database with administration fully managed by Oracle or under your control with one-click built in automation. Supports modern agile development with RESTful APIs for quick, automated and repeatable use.
  • Elastic - Add capacity on-demand and scale OLTP and Data Warehouse workloads as your business grows from startup to the largest enterprise.
  • Choice - Shared, dedicated, virtualized, bare metal and engineered deployment targets to optimize cost in a pay per need model.
  • Secure - Security on Oracle Cloud protects the entire lifecycle of data both in transit and at rest. Database access is monitored and recorded for audit and control at all times.
Oracle Cloud provides several Oracle Database Cloud Service deployment choices. These choices allow you to start at the cost and capability level suitable to your use case and then gives you the flexibility to adapt as your requirements change over time. Choices include: single schemas, dedicated pluggable databases, virtualized databases, bare metal databases and databases running on world class engineered infrastructure.

The session covers the Oracle DB Cloud segmentation, key features, and value propositions of using the Oracle Database Cloud Service. It talks about the Oracle Hybrid Cloud strategy and takes the user through a detailed demonstration to help them setup and use their first Database Cloud Service instance.


Sharad Lal is development director for Oracle Public Cloud database from IDC development center. He is responsible for leading development of Database Cloud Service (DBCS) and Exadata Cloud Servce (ECS). For several years, Sharad was part of Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS) engineering and Oracle Database Development and release. In between, Sharad also had stints at Ariba (SAP) on their procurement SaaS Cloud platform and CTO of cloud startup flipClass in education domain. Sharad has a BE in Computer Science from University of Bombay and executive management program AMPM from the IIM-Bangalore.

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