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Thursday, December 19
0830-0915 Registration
0915-0930 Inauguration
0930-1030 Keynote I:
Big Data Integration, Divesh Srivastava (AT&T Labs Research)
1030-1130 Tutorial I:
An In-depth Look at Modern Database Systems, C Mohan (IBM Research)
1130-1200 Tea
1200-1330 Tutorial I (contd.)
1330-1430 Lunch / Poster
1430-1530 Tutorial II:
Big Data: From Querying to Transaction Processing, Karthik Ramachandra, S. Sudarshan (IIT Bombay)
1530-1550 Tea
1550-1720 Tutorial II (contd.)
Industry Session:
Information Lifecycle Management in Evolving Healthcare Databases, Jagannathan Srinivasan, Nitin Chandra Badam, Aradhna Kumari.
Big Data, the Myths and Reality, Jayanth Bagare (SAP).
Crowdsourcing for Business: An Emerging Paradigm, Shourya Roy (Xerox).
Friday, December 20
0900-0930 Registration
0930-1030 Keynote II:
Scalable Network Analysis, Inderjit Dhillon (University of Texas, Austin).
Research I
Finding Superior Skyline Points from Incomplete Data, Rahul Bharuka, P Sreenivasa Kumar.
Multidimensional DataBase Design via Schema Transformation: TPC-H Experience, Rim Moussa.
Optimally Extracting Discriminative Disjunctive Features for Dimensionality Reduction, Amrita Saha, Naveen Nair, Ganesh Ramakrishnan.
1130-1200 Tea
Short papers
Decisional Architecture for Text Warehousing: ETL-Text Process and Multidimensional Model TWM,
Rachid Aknouche, Ounas Asfari, Fadila Bentayeb, Omar Boussaid.
Primal-Dual Framework for Feature Selection using Least Squares Support Vector Machines, Raghvendra Mall, Mohammed El Anbari, Halima Bensmail, Johan Suykens.
Performance Evaluation of Semantic Reasoners, Neha Dalwadi, Bhaumik Nagar, Ashwin Makwana.
Efficient and scalable processing of frequent SPARQL queries, Rajasekhar Velamuri, P Sreenivasa Kumar.
An Efficient Incremental Algorithm to Mine Closed Frequent Itemsets over Data Streams, Shankar Naik, Jyoti Pawar.
Generating Text Summaries of Graph Snippets, Shruti Chhabra, Srikanta Bedathur.
Polarity Trend Analysis of Public Sentiment on YouTube, Amar Krishna, Joseph Zambreno, Sandeep Krishnan.
Lunch / Demos
Multidimensional DataBase Design via Schema Transformation: TPC-H Experience, Rim Moussa.
Web-Weka1.0: Online Tool for Comparison of Classification Algorithms of Weka, Gopala Krishna Murthy Nookala, Vsn Bhushana Rao Adavi, Naga Raju Orsu, Ramya Chiluvuri, Suresh Mudunuri.
Mobile App for Image-based Bill Data Processing, Ganesh Nunnagopala, K Sai Deepak, Harikrishna G N Rai, P Radha Krishna, Seetharam Veluswamy, Bijoy Varghese.
1410-1510 Tutorial III:
Trajectory Analytics: Indexing, Mining and Applications to Network Optimization, Sayan Ranu, Aditya Telang, Vinay Konar (IBM Research).
1510-1530 Tea
1530-1700 Tutorial III (contd.)
Art to SMart: Automation for BharataNatyam Choreography, Sangeeta Jadhav, Manish Joshi, Jyoti Pawar.
Determining the User Intent Behind Web Search Queries by Learning from Past User Interactions with Search Results, Ariyam Das, Chittaranjan Mandal, Chris Reade.
Making Online BigData Small: Reducing Computation Cost and Latency in Web Analytics through Sampling, Ariyam Das, Harish Ranganath.
Saturday, December 21
0930-1030 Keynote III:
Rethinking Eventual Consistency: Can We Do Better, Sudipto Das (Microsoft Research).
Research II
BaSE (Byte addressable Storage Engine) Access Method, Krishnaprasad Shastry, Shine Mathew, Sathyanarayanan Manamohan, Goetz Graefe.
Improving Cloud Availability with On-the-fly Schema Updates, Iulian Neamtiu, Jonathan Bardin, Md. Reaz Uddin, Dien-Yen Lin, Pamela Bhattacharya.
A Network Coding Based Framework for Construction of Systematic Minimum Bandwidth Regenerating (MBR) Codes for Distributed Storage, Swanand Kadhe, M Girish Chandra, Balaji Janakiram.
1130-1200 Tea
Industry Session:
Big Data Analytics: Do It Yourself with Yahoo, Rohit Chatter (Yahoo).
Non-stop SQL/MX and Distributed Mission Critical Query Processing, Sathyanarayanan Manamohan (HP).
Scaling from Big Data to Fast Data: Emerging Challenges from eScience and eEngineering, Yogesh Simmahan (USC),
1300-1400 Lunch
Premier papers
Ratio Threshold Queries over Distributed Data Sources. VLDB 2013, Rajeev Gupta.
FERRARI: Flexible and Efficient Reachability Range Assistant for Graph Indexing. ICDE 2013, Srikanta Bedathur.
Less is More: Selecting Sources Wisely for Integration. VLDB 2013, Divesh Srivastava.
1530-1600 Gong show