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Joydeep Sen Sarma is co-founder at cloud data processing startup Qubole. Before starting Qubole - he worked for a number of years at Facebook where he boot-strapped the data processing ecosystem based on Hadoop and started the Apache Hive project. Aside from leading the Data Infrastructure team - Joydeep was a key contributor on the Facebook Messages architecture team that brought Apache HBase to Facebook and to the transactional and reporting backends for Facebook Credits. Joydeep started his career working on database and file systems at Oracle and Netapp and cut his teeth building data based applications as the lead engineer on Yahoo's in-house Recommendation Platform. Aside from building software, he's passionate about creating great and sustainable organizations. He's recently relocated with his family to Bangalore, India.
Title: Perspectives on the Hadoop stack
The first part of this talk will cover my experiences building, running and using many projects in the Hadoop ecosystem. Why has Hadoop been so successful (in spite of obvious weaknesses) and what lessons can we take away from this? What key problems did it solve well and which ones did it not? Where is this ecosystem headed? I will try to share some of my personal learnings in building popular open source software projects and running large scale deployments.

Major technological trends are playing out as we speak - elastic clouds are taking over, disks are dying slow death, real-time data and SaaS are more important than ever. We are also living in a world of unprecendented collaboration. These waves are uncovering many interesting problems and in the second part of the talk - I will try to delve into some my favorite (unsolved) ones.

Srini V. Srinivasan, Aerospike founder and vice president of engineering & operations brings 20-plus years of experience in designing, developing and operating Web-scale infrastructures, and he holds over a dozen patents in database, Internet, mobile, and distributed system technologies. Srini co-founded Aerospike to solve the scaling problems he experienced with SQL databases at Yahoo! where, as senior director of engineering, he had global responsibility for the development, deployment and 24×7 operations of Yahoo!’s mobile products, in use by tens of millions of users. Srini joined Yahoo! as part of the Verdisoft acquisition, where as vice president of engineering, he oversaw the development of high-performance data synchronization products for mobile users. Srini also was chief architect of IBM’s DB2 Internet products, and he served as senior architect of digital TV products at Liberate Technologies. Srini received a B.Tech degree (in Computer Science) from IIT, Chennai, and M.S and Ph.D degrees (in Computer Science) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Title: Aerospike: Breaking the Predictable Performance Barrier
Web-scale data and real-time interactions are driving strong upward pressure on databases to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, reliably and without fail. However, too often databases that produce lightning-fast benchmarks in the lab fizzle when they get into full-scale production. This session will examine how the Aerospike real-time NoSQL database and key value store has broken the predictable performance barrier by applying established distributed systems principles, new real-time optimization techniques and flash storage (SSDs) technologies. Additionally, a review of customer deployments will illustrate how this database architecture simultaneously enables predictable performance of 250k TPS per node, sub-millisecond query responses, and 100% uptime—all while managing terabytes of data and billions of objects.